Weddings-Terms of Service

Wedding Table Setting
  • Quotations and the first two wedding consultations are free of charge. Usually there will be one consultation when we first meet and then the second to confirm designs, flowers and colours. You are more than welcome to have another consultation if you desire one, but travel and time will be added onto the final invoice.
  • When a wedding date is booked a £100 deposit is required. In the event of a cancellation this deposit is non - refundable. If you decide to postpone your wedding we will hold your deposit until your wedding goes ahead. The £100 deposit is subtracted from your final wedding bill. If the booking fee isn't paid within 14 days of the first quote being sent out and agreed upon, another booking can be taken for another event.
  • An approximate quotation for the cost of your wedding flowers will be sent out to you after your initial consultation. This is only a guide price and may be subject to change due to the market cost of the flowers at the time of ordering and due to any changes you make nearer to the wedding day. Larger items need to be finalized four weeks in advance of your wedding, however smaller items like buttonholes may be changed at a later date.

  • A final cost for your wedding flowers will be sent out to you after your final consultation - at least four weeks before your wedding. It is your responsibility to check details on the final invoice and insure all information is correct. Delivery, setup, transportation and clearance costs will be included in your final invoice.
  • Payment is required either before the wedding or on the actual day.
  • Any broken, missing or damaged property (glassware, pedestal stands etc) will be your responsibility. A bill for any property not returned or damaged will be charged to you and must be paid upon receipt.
  • Cheques are made payable to Bloom. If you wish to send the balance electronically, please ask me for details.